IASS(International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures)2016 TOKYO

Three-dimensional spatial structures have advantageous features to conventional planar frame structures. Spatial structural systems are usually highly efficient with light-weight and high rigidity. Some of them are mechanically flexible or environmentally adaptable. The efficiency of the spatial structures is usually due to their morphological nature. Current research topics of our lab. are as follows:

The Construction of the World First Typical Tensegrity Frames as Building Skelletons

Video Images of Prof. K.Kawaguchi
You Tube Videos collected by Leaveanest Co.Ltd.
(in Japanese)
Open lectures at Todai TV
the University of Tokyo
(in Japanese)
Tensegrity Strength and architectural designs
@IFAI World Wide, Spericalty fabrics Review
A safer fabric membrane ceiling
What scissors type structures are Tensegrity
- The gskeletonh that ties together cells and architecture -
@"Science View", NHK WORLD TV.
(Nov. 2, 2012 *OA 6times a day)
How Buildings Handled Japan's 2011 Megaquake
Unfolding a deployable dome
Pendulumn without string

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